Aluminium injection moulds
Slide background Moulds that ensure geometric tolerances throughout the life of the product.
Slide background Large brackets that must pass the most rigorous quality tests.
Slide background DTM manufactures moulds with high geometric tolerance, avoiding later
production processes to finish the piece.
Slide background Manufactured with our moulds, they have unbeatable technical specifications
that allow the brand to offer a lifetime guarantee.
Slide background At DTM we make all of our know-how available to our clients to manufacture highly
competitive moulds.
Slide background Technical piece with very tight size tolerance.
Slide background The most demanding quality for our moulds.
Slide background The most demanding quality for our moulds.
Slide background At DTM we are on the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing moulds
for innovative multimedia accessories for the automobile sector: USB, GPS, etc.
Slide background Highly complex moulds in terms of machining and size for the automobile sector,
specifically for side mirrors.




This is our speciality. What sets us apart from our competition. We know and understand the problems facing foundries, regarding maintenance and complications in the production process. We listen to our clients and apply all of our experience and filling-simulation technology to manufacture moulds that reduce cycles and boost quality of the pieces obtained.

Our moulds provide technical solutions to optimise quality and maximise performance. At DTM we contribute competitiveness.

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