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Here at DTM we are experts in the design and manufacturing of moulds with highly complex technical specifications. The company was created in 1958 and ever since DTM has strived to continually evolve and progress, always reaching our goals and facing new challenges every day.

This is part of who we are and of our values:

Being a benchmark in the design and manufacturing of high quality and precision moulds in order to fully meet our clients’ needs.

Providing clients with our most prized value added, our human capital, and collaborating closely on each project in order to grow and be more competitive.
Making our experience, trust, dedication, technology and quality available to meet and surpass all of your expectations.

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At DTM we invest in innovation and new technology for design,
simulation and production processes in order
to manufacture highly competitive moulds.
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At DTM we know no limits. We only manufacture quality.
This is our greatest commitment to all of our clients.
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Our commitment to our clients is absolute.
Here at DTM our top priority is providing service of excellence in order to
grow together based on a foundation of mutual trust and dedication
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Our current facilities, inaugurated in 2012,
are certified to carry out our production
activities competitively.
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Our human team is, undoubtedly, our most important asset:
highly skilled professionals that contribute all of their know-how,
giving each project their all.
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At DTM we believe it is clear that investment in high-speed technology
is the only way to manufacture highly competitive moulds.


At DTM we are experts in high-precision moulds. We mould our work to the needs of each client to develop the most competitive product in each case.

Highly skilled professionals contribute all of our know-how, giving each project our all.

We specialise in aluminium injection moulds, with demanding, complex technical specifications.

Our long history and experience back us up in the development of moulds for specific sectors and we do so while also ensuring speed, precision and quality results.


To contact us, send an e-mail to:

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