Plastic injection moulds
Slide background Technical complexity motivates us.
This is a multi-cavity mould with metal inserts and 5 slides per cavity.
Slide background Gas injection moulds to reduce weight, deformations and cycle times.
These handles have the added complexity of the aesthetics required of class-A surfaces.
Slide background DTM was the first company in the world to manufacture a 16-cavity mould for asthma inhalers.
Our know-how allows us to manufacture the smallest, quickest, most competitive moulds on the market.
Slide background We use the most conductive materials to fully cool the piece.
Slide background The flexibility of the materials to be injected is a challenge,
allowing us to unmould nearly impossible pieces.
Slide background Each time a light is switched on,
one of our moulds is behind it.
Slide background Each time a light is switched on,
one of our moulds is behind it.




The sector of plastic injection moulds is constantly evolving due to a highly competitive market. At DTM we have extensive experience with this product, which allows us to work closely with all of our clients from the design phase and throughout the process in order to obtain maximum performance from their moulds. Plus, high production volume requires extremely high-quality moulds and short turnaround time.

At DTM we also develop pressure thermoforming moulds.

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